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BrandPost: Raise Your Hand and Ask: What’s an ‘N-Body Simulation’?
Note: Most people don’t want to be the uncool one to raise their hand and ask a question, but in many cases we really should. These occasional ‘Raise Your Hand and Ask” posts highlight cool “buzzwords” you may have heard. My aim isn’t just to explain what they mean... Read more
Watch the Final Four in VR. But this year you have to pay     – CNET
Basketball fans can once again see the NCAA Final Four in virtual reality. Intel Looking for another way to watch all of the March Madness? Intel’s new virtual reality arm, along with Turner and CBS Sports, are once again making the NCAA men’s basketball tournament games available in VR.... Read more
Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker
Craig’s first major break in the case came in September 2009. With the help of some industry experts, he identified a New York–based server that seemed to play some sort of role in the Zeus network. He obtained a search warrant, and an FBI forensics team copied the server’s... Read more
The 52 startups that launched at Y Combinator W17 Demo Day 1
Today was Y Combinator’s 24th Demo Day, where the accelerator shows off its fresh companies to investors. International, AI, and hardware products were the emergent themes of the 52 companies that launched. “The international tour seemed to work” says YC President Sam Altman, who helped put on ‘Startup School’... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S8, Rumored Launch Date!
Samsung Even though the Galaxy’s launching date had been announced before, the device information was not available at the time. Now it is reported that the release and pre-order dates of the two handsets... Read more
Spotify may soon neuter its free streaming tier
Spotify has built a substantial lead in the streaming music race thanks largely in part to its ad-supported tier which lets people listen to music free of charge in exchange for putting up with the occasional commercial. Those that take advantage of this offering may be sad to hear... Read more
Weekend tech reading: Mass Effect: Andromeda's wonkiest animations, 11 ARM boards benchmarked, building a DIY Hackintosh Pro
The first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda are… well they aren’t good I had, by purpose or distraction, not found out anything about Mass Effect Andromeda before playing its review build, beyond that it was set in a whole new galaxy. Ooh goody, I thought! A... Read more
Super Mario Run Android Release Date Revealed
Super Mario Run hit the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch late last year. After a lengthy pre-registration period, Nintendo has finally revealed when you can play it on Android devices. According to a tweet from Nintendo of America, Super Mario Run for Android will be available from... Read more
Yahoo breach exposes the drawbacks of state-sponsored hacking
When governments turn to private hackers to carry out state-sponsored attacks, as the FBI alleges Russia did in the 2014 breach of Yahoo, they’re taking a big risk. On the one hand, it gives them a bit of plausible deniability while reaping the potential spoils of each attack, but... Read more
KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Release Date, Price and Specs     – CNET
Where to Buy KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Part Number: CNETKitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker MSRP: $130.00 Visit manufacturer site for details. About The Author Brian Bennett is senior editor for appliances at CNET and reviews a wide range of household and smart-home products. These include everything from microwave... Read more