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Xiaomi puts the focus on India with plans to open 100 retail stores
Xiaomi is increasing its office retail presence in China as bids to gain ground stolen by rivals in its homeland, and now it is making that very same push in its second largest market, India. The Chinese company, which is valued at $45 billion, suffered a tough time last year as... Read more
Wanna Protect Your Online Privacy? Open a Tab and Make Some Noise
I just Googled “alarm dust,” “alibi sweatshirt,” and “sleuth intelligence.” Then I shopped for industrial dehydrators, scanned a Pinterest page for concrete decks, and read something about nuclear war. The thing is, I’m not in the market for a new dehydrator. Concrete decks aren’t really my style, and I... Read more
Heal plans nationwide expansion for doctor house calls on demand
Already a hit in the limited California regions that it serves, doctor-on-demand startup Heal is planning to take its house call service to more cities across the country. Today, the company announced that it would be expanding into cities in Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania by the end of the... Read more
Machine Learning Invades the Real World on Internet Balloons
Astro Teller knows how to draw attention. As the director of X, aka the “moonshoot factory,” he famously navigates the Google campus on rollerblades, even indoors. He was wearing his rollerblades on Thursday when he glided into a roomful of reporters to announce that Project Loon—Alphabet’s wacky-sounding plan to... Read more
The ‘Uber for X’ Fad Will Pass Because Only Uber Is Uber
“Uber for X” has been the headline of more than four hundred news articles. Thousands of would-be entrepreneurs used the phrase to describe their companies in their pitch decks. On one site alone—AngelList, where startups can court angel investors and employees—526 companies included “Uber for” in their listings. As... Read more
You Can Now Go Live With Instagram Stories
It’s the latest sign that Instagram really, really wants to be your one-stop shop for quick, fun videos—and not just a feed of your meticulously curated photos. Today, the company rolled out two updates: live video on Stories (you remember Stories, it’s the brazen Snapchat ripoff launched earlier this year);... Read more
The FCC Fines Comcast $2.3M Over Billing Practices—But Is That Enough?
Pedestrians walk past Google’s Fiber Space in downtown Austin, Texas, on April 4, 2015.Matthew Busch/Bloomberg/Getty Images In the future, we’ll all need a faster connection to the Internet. We’ll need more bandwidth for streaming high-definition video, strolling through virtual worlds, and, well, doing things no one has even thought... Read more
The sun had barely peeked out over the horizon on a cool Monday morning in April, and the line to get into the Supreme Court was already snaking around the great, pillared institution. It had been that way all night. And the night before that, as folks from across... Read more
Evo Is a Little Robot With a Big Mission: Get Girls to Code
When his daughters were young, Nader Hamda says, they were really into apps and computers. But now that they’re a little older, their interest is waning. And that’s not unusual. “They’re not an exception,” he says. “They’re more of a rule.” Sadly, this is true. According to numerous studies,... Read more