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While You Were Offline: Free Nuggs. Pls RT
Need a distraction from the crazy news of the last week? Take a few seconds and retweet this man’s plea for Wendy’s nuggets. The post While You Were Offline: Free Nuggs. Pls RT appeared first on WIRED. Source link Read more
Dentists Probably Shouldn’t Mock Their Patients on Facebook
Christoph Niemann I work in a casual tech setting and I’m shocked by how much everyone swears. Should I say something? Imagine what it was like to be a Puritan in 1642. You’ve come to America. The landscape is crude and endless; the soundtrack, all hissing insects and howling... Read more
Avoiding Your Family? Dive Into These 9 Outstanding Books
Ready for some political discussions around the Thanksgiving table? Yup, didn’t think so. Never have American dinner parties needed a new conversation topic more (and when you add family to the mix, hanging out in the Target parking lot starts sounding better and better). So if you’ve already burned through... Read more
Ignore the Trolls: You Definitely Cannot Vote Via Text
Stephen Bannon in 2013Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP Donald Trump’s bid for the White House has always been a media circus. Now, it’s being run by one of the ringleaders. The Trump campaign announced today that it has hired Breitbart News Network executive chairman Steve Bannon as campaign CEO. Paul Manafort, who... Read more
WIRED Pilot Program: Berlin Station
Darren Michaels/Fox Each fall, most of the broadcast and cable networks debut a ton of new shows in the span of a few months, making it difficult to sort out which ones to make time for and which to skip. So we’re starting the WIRED Pilot Program, where we... Read more
8-Bit Nium Is a Striking Glimpse at an Irradiated Wilderness
In Nium, a hooded boy explores a lush forest rendered in familiar 8-bit graphics, carrying a, wait, is that a lead pipe? This is a retro-style exploration game with a twist. Think The Legend of Zelda meets Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Independent gaming collective Juegos Rancheros asked Japanese developer Ojiro “Moppin” Fumoto and... Read more
American Schools Struggle to Keep Online Fights From Turning Physical
Getty Images Just over a year ago, Beldon Batiste, then 15, stumbled across one of the largest fights he had ever seen. It was the last day of school at Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School in New Orleans. After classes let out, Beldon took a short walk with... Read more
Finally: Somebody Built an Adventure Game Using Google Forms
Porpentine/Google An interesting foible of the internet: most online creation platforms can easily be manipulated toward unexpected ends. Enter All Your Time-Tossed Selves, a brief and free piece of interactive fiction made in Google Forms. The survey format, it turns out, is a good fit for the sort of... Read more