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America Has Its Problems, But Design Can Help Solve Them
Designers do more than make shiny, pretty things. They shape how the world works by solving problems. And right now, the country has some problems. Regardless of whether you were protesting in the streets last weekend, you’d probably agree that people of all political stripes have receded into echo... Read more
Delicious Non-Boozy Beer, Wine, and Spirits for Dry January
The first weekend of Dry January is upon us, which means you may find yourself more tempted than usual to reach for a drink. Pro-tip: Find alternatives you can get excited about. Here are some brilliantly conceived beverages you’ll be delighted to drink—even when you’re not being a sober... Read more
From Instagram to Budweiser, These Are the Year’s Most Notable New Logos
It was a messy year for logos. The presidential candidate with penetrative, Web-1.0-style graphics won. America’s largest art museum drew ire from critics for deviating from its iconic emblem. The Tokyo Organizing Committee scrambled to find a new symbol for the 2020 Olympics, after its original selection faced allegations... Read more
Bonobo’s Haunting Video for ‘Break Apart’ Explores a Martian Landscape
“Break Apart,” the latest track from electronic musician Bonobo, is a haunting reflection on fear and brokenness. Its potency is due in no small part to the melancholic singing of the R&B duo Rhye, but the visuals of the accompanying video help, too. Art director Neil Krug created what he calls... Read more
Inside Oculus’ Quest to Design an Invisible VR Controller
December 22 is the perfect time for getting some last-minute things done at the office, maybe finishing up holiday shopping. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you might even fight your way through airport crowds to visit your family. On December 22 in 2012, though, Nirav Patel was in China.... Read more
How Arrival’s Designers Crafted a Mesmerizing Alien Alphabet
Arrival is, to be sure, an alien flick. But under that sci-fi veneer is a film about communication, and the effort required to understand someone (or, in this case, something) who looks and speaks differently than you do. In the film, this patient work falls to linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams),... Read more
It’s Time to Think About Flowers Like We Do About Produce
So you’re picky about your produce. Good on you. But what about when you shop for flowers? “We know it’s bad to eat a pesticide-laden tomato in January yet we buy out-of-season roses from Trader Joe’s without even thinking about it,” says floral designer Louesa Roebuck. Roebuck is the author of... Read more
Kodak Revives Its Iconic Logo—and Gives It a Little Twist
Graphic artist C. Peter Oestrich never achieved the lionized status of design legends Paul Rand or Saul Bass, but his most famous design—the Kodak “K”—is as iconic as anything they ever produced. The company adopted the red-and-yellow camera-shutter logo in 1971, and for 35 years it was one of the most... Read more
Reissue of the Voyager Golden Record Will Be the Greatest Album in the Universe
Carl Sagan’s Voyager Golden Record may be the most limited release album of all time. It’s certainly the most well-traveled. The iconic record, which NASA developed to represent humankind to alien civilizations, was printed onto gold-plated copper and launched into space aboard Voyager 1 back in 1977. Today, it’s nearly 13... Read more
How H.R. Giger Made Alien‘s Monster Beautiful and Terrifying
The Most Dangerous Writing App “Don’t stop. If you stop typing for more than five seconds, all progress will be lost.” Those are the directions for The Most Dangerous Writing App, a brutal new web tool designed to help you get over your writer’s block. The app is the work of Manuel Ebert,... Read more