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In One Chart: This is exactly how much more CEOs get paid than the average American worker
The average chief executive of an S&P 500 company made $13.1 million per year in 2016 — equivalent to 347 times more money than the average worker, according to new data released Tuesday by Executive Pay Watch, a report conducted by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of... Read more
On Wednesday afternoon after US markets close Snap will report its first earnings since going public. Since the initial euphoria of the Snapchat parent’s initial public offering pushed its share price up as high as $29, its stock has had a rocky ride — a series of cautious initiation... Read more
The Fed: Fed’s Rosengren warns that Fannie, Freddie reform could roil commercial real-estate market
Bloomberg News/Landov Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren has been concerned about high commercial real-estate prices since 2015. Efforts to overhaul Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could lead to “a potential and significant shock” to the commercial real-estate sector, said Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren... Read more
Emerging market fund managers have started buying back into China’s largest banks, despite fears of rising bad loans, off-balance sheet lending to the shadow banking sector and a jump in interbank lending rates to a two-year high. Chinese financial stocks have fallen dramatically out of favour since 2011, with... Read more
Signs abound that the U.S. stock market is headed higher
Was any of this “long and strong” stuff predictable? The stock market had a certain amount of negative events hurled at it, from Syria and the back-and-forth brinkmanship between North Korea and the Trump administration, to the innumerable mishaps from the White House. Despite all this, plus equities being... Read more
Goldman Sachs has emerged as a big beneficiary from US regulators’ decision to grant banks more time to comply with parts of the Volcker rule, which was aimed at forcing them to wind down risky activities. While best known for its clampdown on banks’ ability to trade with their... Read more
Key Words: Obama’s HHS chief admits some people will be better off under Republican health bill
Reuters Then–Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius appears before the Senate Finance Committee in April 2014. Kathleen Sebelius, the former Kansas governor and insurance commissioner who headed the Department of Health and Human Services under President Obama at the time the Affordable Care Act was passed,... Read more
A cyclone more than 9,000 miles away from Omaha, Nebraska, where more than 30,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are gathered for an annual meeting they call the Woodstock of Capitalism, has put a slight damper on the festivities. Profits at Warren Buffett’s company fell 27 per cent in the first... Read more
BookWatch: How Jen Sincero went from living in a garage to being a best-selling ‘Badass’ author
If you were to ask Jen Sincero what kept her in a low-wage, low-happiness funk for decades of her adult life, stuck in “the fetal position of hopelessness and confusion,” she might attribute it to laziness and arrogance — and likely fear. But that was then. Sincero, now a... Read more
May 4, 2017 by: Katrina Manson in New York Donald Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican on his first foreign trip as US president in an effort to unite a coalition against Islamist terrorism and Iran and extract more from traditional allies. The travel plans mark a departure from... Read more