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Thimbleweed Park Review
In one of the three opening vignettes for Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s (both ex-LucasArts developers known for their work on Maniac Mansion, and Monkey Island series) new point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park, a town sign proudly states: Population 81. Then, a bullet hole opens in the middle of... Read more
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issues ‘Not Significant’: Nintendo
The Nintendo Switch was launched early this month and its already seen its fair share of issues. These include the Switch dock scratching its tablet screen after repeated use and Joy-Cons — the controllers it ships with, not working on the console. While Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime claimed... Read more
Twitch introduces Pulse, its very own gamer news feed
With the introduction of its own in-house social stream, Twitch hopes users won’t stray too far beyond its purple walls. Twitch’s newest feature is called Pulse and will collect into one big gaming-obsessed feed the real-time social happenings of everyone you follow. Like any properly evolved social network, Pulse... Read more
Mixed reality arcades are the next big market opportunity — but not for VCs
VR’s quest to become the next dominant computing platform has hit a few bumps in the road lately. There’s no way around the fact that VR headset sales have been sluggish. I recently talked about how I saw VR’s “trough of disillusionment” coming in 2017. Increasing adoption will require... Read more
League of Legends Creator Riot Games to Set Up Shop in India
League of Legends studio Riot Games has set up operations in India. While the company is yet to announce this officially, it has hired its country manager for the role in Anurag Khurana. He is a veteran in the Indian games industry, having worked on one of India’s first PC... Read more
Nintendo Switch Online Service Turns NES and SNES Games Into Monthly Rentals
At the Nintendo Switch event, aside from announcing when you can buy a Nintendo Switch and how much you’d be paying for it, Nintendo also revealed the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Much like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, you’ll need the Nintendo Switch Online Service to play multiplayer games... Read more
Uncharted Movie Script Complete; Filming to Begin Soon
Uncharted may be one of the biggest franchises in gaming, but it’s also one that could lend itself quite well to a film adaptation. And it’s now one step closer towards getting there. Today, Uncharted movie scriptwriter Joe Carnahan, who will also be directing Bad Boys 3, took to... Read more
Steam Winter Sale 2016: Doom, GTA V, Resident Evil, and More PC Game Deals
Earlier we reported that the Steam Winter Sale 2016 would take place from December 22 onwards. This has now been confirmed and the site itself is replete with offers for the season. Here’s what you should check out. (Also see: Steam Winter Sale 2016: Date, Time, Discounts, How to Buy,... Read more
Overwatch Christmas Update Is Overwatch Winter Wonderland; New Loot Boxes, Brawl, and More
As we reported earlier, the Overwatch Christmas update is now live. Dubbed the Overwatch Winter Wonderland, Blizzard outlined all the new additions to the game. At the moment the download size is 2.79GB on the PS4 and reportedly around 1.5GB on the PC. It will take place from December 13... Read more
Nintendo Explains Why Its Next Console Is Called the Nintendo Switch
With more details expected on the Nintendo Switch in January, one thing we now know for sure the reason behind its name. Nintendo Dream, a Japanese magazine featured the Switch in its latest issue. And in doing so, it managed to get a few questions answered on the console... Read more