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Let’s Calculate Pi on a Raspberry Pi to Celebrate Pi Day
I love pi. No, not pie. Pi. The number. This crazy number shows up in all sorts of weird places.  If you take the square root of the gravitational field (g = 9.8 N/kg) you approximately get pi. Place a mass on a spring and let it oscillate? Yup, you... Read more
Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska Unexpectedly Erupts
A remote volcano in the Bering Sea sent up an impressive ash plume in an unexpected eruption. The post Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska Unexpectedly Erupts appeared first on WIRED. Source link Read more
No, Gotham, That’s Not How Tightropes Work
I’ll be honest. I don’t really watch Gotham, but it looks interesting. It chronicles the events in Batman’s city before he became Batman. That’s about all I know. However, when I saw a recent commercial for an upcoming episode, I had to do something. I’m not sure what’s going on here,... Read more
Watch What Happens When Cars from Mexico and the US Collide Head-On
This is crazy. Look at this crash test between two similar Nissan models. The video shows a silver 2016 Nissan Versa (made for the US market) vs. a red 2015 Nissan Tsura sold in Mexico. Which car would you pick to drive? Video Analysis The great thing about these... Read more